We are an international consulting firm specializing in engineering and technician services.

We offer our customers, and anywhere in the world, the best professionals in different fields of civil engineering, energy and industrial projects, and generally in the development, construction and management of any type of infrastructure.

Protecnium brings solvency and experience, comprising specialized in every area of its partners, which give the project a backup for each activity.

We have partner companies in the field of Engineering, Geotechnical and Soil Studies, Environment and Quality Control, electrical installation, Surveying, Photogrammetry and New Technologies adapted to engineering.

Each project partner brings international infrastructure, experience and expertise to provide technical support resources, so that our customers can be assured of prompt response, support to our staff and permanent solutions tailored for each moment.

Our philosophy is to offer competitive, agile, efficient, flexible and fully adapted solutions to the needs of each project.

We offer alternatives for each position, we solve all the arrangements for the work of our professionals worldwide; we create infrastructure in countries of destination, managing and training local staff; we guarantee our services and all with full adaptation to the production needs of our client.